Thursday, September 20, 2012

Illustration Friday- Burst

Illustration Friday- Burst
(watercolors are fun, even if I'm amatuer at it)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UDK desk props

Stupid Photoshop Tricks- You can switch blending modes with keyboard shortcuts! Hold Alt+Shift and press a letter key. N=normal, M=multiply, H=hard light, etc. (Not sure if every mode has a shortcut, you might want to look up a chart) If you're using a brush or other tool that has a blending mode option, it will toggle that. If you're using the move tool or lasso or other tool that doesn't, then it toggles the layer blending mode.

Alt+Shift and = or - cycles through the blending modes in order.

I bought a used Evoluent vertical mouse off ebay, which turned out to be kind of a bad idea, since the mouse wheel button was broken and the drivers seemed to disable my ability to click anything sometimes. Also, cursor drift. If you're going to buy one, do yourself a favor and buy one new. The things are not made to be very durable, it seems. An old Wacom set to mouse mode works pretty well for RSI too, though. Just wish it had a scroll wheel.


Working on a side project that's NDA right now, hope to show that stuff some day.

Anyway, been working on a desk and all its props over the past month or so. Got it to where I could model a simple prop and bring it into udk in about 4 hours. Not sure how I could get faster except to cheap out on things like binders and boxes and not make a highpoly to bake normal maps with. Perhaps I should have held back on the normal maps, but dang it, they're pretty cool.
(I'm new to game engines, all right? I never even touched a shader network before UDK.)

About...9000 verts and 15MB of texture (not including lightmaps)?
I wish I knew whether this was too much or too little. The first room in Deus Ex HR seemed more packed than this. All those SWAT books...but I'm pretty sure they didn't try to normal map EVERYTHING.

Here's a stupidly big tableau of all of the models. If I live to see the future then I'll be able to look back on this and laugh.

So as a part of that redesign-an-FF7-character assignment, I turned Red13 into a dog.
(main crit was that the silhouette is pretty bad, and yeah it is)
Colors still all over the place. Wish I had more time to accurately render the anisotropic qualities of fur. After fixing that damn silhouette, of course.

Assignment from the same class. I bought some over-priced student-grade tube colors and dried them in a palette pan to get watercolor cakes. Also got a water brush, where the water is stored in the handle. Pretty cool and portable, except I have to watch my grip or I'll flood the bristles.
 I haven't touched watercolor in maybe 7 years so I'm kind of surprised I was able to get anything at all out of it. After the crunch I'm in, I'm hoping to start doing more out-and-about watercolors, or at least master studies.

Both from the class and the portfolio reviews, the main pieces of advice were to draw more from life and do master studies. I should probably listen...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life drawings

Stupid Photoshop tricks- If you have PS CS5 or above, you can hold Ctrl or Alt+Space and click-drag left or right on the canvas to zoom in and out. Ctrl+0 is zoom to fit, Ctrl+1 is zoom 100%. (Ctrl+2 3 4 5 and maybe 6 switches between the channels don't do that)

I finally remembered some of my art school training.

Yes I have a fat head SHUT UP
About 2 hours
I don't think it's really enough of a caricature, I could have pushed the features a little more.
(in most caricatures I've seen, the eyes are cartoonishly big, for example)

Apple in acrylics+some gouache, 21x17 cm
About SIX HOURS oh my god so rusty
But I like how solid the apple looks.
(didn't help that some of my acrylics and gouache were all dried up...)