Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ah well, might as well post something. Uh...stupid photoshop tricks....stupid photooooshhhop tricks...oh wait, here's something.

You Suck At Photoshop

Web internet movie series, watch Donnie Hoyle insult you about your lack of Photoshop knowledge while his life falls apart around him. Pretty funny I guess....


SCP- locker, 288 tris, 32b*1024, 32b*512 and 24b*1024 texture
It lights up when you open it. I had it using a material instance to actually make the interior light surface start emissing when the locker is opened but then remembered that doing this does funny things in a prefab. Specifically all of the lockers light up when you open a single one. I don't know how to make material instances automatically be unique whenever a prefab is put down (probably requires coding or some fancy kismet) so I just left it on because nobody's going to see it anyway and my god this description is going on too long.

trash chute, 224 tris, 32b*512, 24b*512 and 24**256 texture
I've been packing my specular map in the alpha of my diffuse...that's something I'm supposed to be doing, right? Or am I supposed to keep each map on a separate texture??
(So far, still clueless about the impact my models have on gpu and vram)
It opens when you get close or bring a kactor close. If you can fit an object in the opening (that tissue box takes some work to get in) it hits a trigger that kills the kactor that triggered it. (thanks kismet, that was far easier than I was expecting)

bench- 1138 tris, 32b*1024, 24b*1024, and 24b*512 texture
Push button, receive drawer.
Also has air blowing noise around side vents.
(I don't know, maybe it's refrigerated for hotbutts)
Based off some forum discussions I searched up, it seemed like I could get away with cutting the thing in half and having two halves make a whole, saving texture space. Lightmass says no. Actually, now that I think about it, I wonder if my lightmass uv channel was chopped up correctly...gonna have to test that. Was still able to overlap texture uvs for the sides though, so there's that.

Oh my god why do I write so much blah blah blah blah

Here's some bad drawings
dsg- hovertank testing

illustration friday- "book" (grr missed deadline again. Maybe I've got too much on my plate.)

dsg- old alien portrait
I noticed this weird effect where pure colors on a black background tend to pop out of the screen in varying degrees. Maybe my eyes are forked, but it looks 3d to me. Anyway, been waiting for a chance to try it out. Feels like red pops out the most, blue the least.

Eh I dunno