Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walking sprite

Stupid Photoshop Tricks-
 ,   .  : cycle brushes
 [   ]  : cycle brush size
If you hold shift and then press the shortcut key for a tool, you cycle the tool's alternates. Ie, Shift+L cycles between Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, and Magnetic Lasso.
Speaking of Lasso, if you're in the middle of making a lasso, you can hold Alt to add features of the other lasso tool. That is to say, if you're making a polygonal lasso and you hold alt, you can click+drag to draw a lasso as if it were the regular lasso tool. You don't have to let go of Alt, you can click click click to place polygonal lasso points also. It works with the regular lasso tool also, giving you functionality of the polygonal lasso tool.

Learning Flash is slow, so I'm making elements in Photoshop until I figure out how this blasted software works.

Works alright in "pixel" style too I guess.

 The background I'm working on for this character's animation.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updated site

Spent a total of 27 hours updating the site, and that's kind of embarrassing considering how little new stuff there is. Uploaded larger versions of almost all the pics, added some pics, removed some pics, added that strip at the bottom with my name and url because apparently that's something I'm supposed to do. 27 hours. I could have learned Flash by now.

Oh yeah, I'm trying to learn Flash. God help me.

Stupid Photoshop Tricks- Hold down Ctrl or Alt and Backspace to fill the current layer with color. Hold Ctrl for the background color, Alt for the foreground color. I don't know why it is this way, those keys are the wrong positions relative to the swatches on the toolbar, unless you use the right-side Ctrl/Alt keys...but then it is reversed for the Mac; the left side keys are in similar orientation while the left is opposite. I don't know, maybe someone is playing a joke on me.

Anyway, you can hold Ctrl/Alt and also Shift and then hit Backspace to fill just the pixels already there in your layer, so you preserve transparency. Or you could just lock transparency first.

Speaking of transparency locking, you can toggle the lock with the / key. It toggles your last selected locks, so if you had transparency locked, it'll toggle that, or if you have the lock all thing locked, it'll toggle that instead.

Anyway here's a thing-

Concept for a friend's in-development sidescrolling action platformer that probably won't see the light of day but one can hope (for paying work). Characters blacked out since those are his IP.

Also some Skullgirls cutscene work since I finally got around to uploading those.
Did the paint.

Did the line cleanup and flat colors.
Not much was indicated so I was free to add in whatever I could think of.
I think the character hoards through space and time or something.

And something from that SCP thing

I think that's either a very large bromeliad and rose bush or a very small ficus or I'm just really really tired

Oh, I think I forgot about this. I got contacted to do a portrait of their daughter Adora, which they have been asking many artists to do and they keep the results on a blog. They had a list of themes going so I picked "Adora standing next to Brancusi's Bird in Space" and proceeded to draw something not really related to Brancusi's Bird in Space but I think they liked it. In exchange they donated to Charity: Water, which I know nothing about but seems like a good thing.

I've never been a part of something like this but it seems like a neat way to use the internet.