Thursday, March 21, 2013


Photoshop something something- If you want to run a filter on something but your canvas is large and it's taking forever to run something like motion blur on a layer that's only 1% of the total canvas size, you can speed it up by making a selection around your object before running the filter. Make sure you leave room for the effects of the filter!


Friend and former classmate Claudia Sutton made an animation called Fuzzin's Black Cat. It's the sassiest cat.

Also, that picture I drew of Adora and Brancusi's "Bird in Space" got mentioned in an online article woo


Daily Sketch Group- rock climbers discover rocky alien face
I didn't like this first one so I tried some more sketches

Daily Sketch Group- synth worm
Nothing really synth-y about it so I made up the excuse that they're engineered to be transportation after they pupate

Daily Sketch Group- walk cycle of alien beast's a pigeon...thing...

Also, I've somehow gotten involved with 3 new projects for the next couple of months, which means that the 3d modeling stuff has to go on hold. On the other hand, one of the new projects is Skullgirls and is PAYING WORK WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
(OMG I'm not useless yay. Also not going to become homeless and have to commit seppuku out of shame yay.)
On the other hand it's going to be pretty regular crunch from here on out.
This is the 3rd of 3 sketches for the new Casino-themed stage. They picked the one I thought was least likely to be picked, haha. Had some additional time so I did flat colors and a lighting test on it.
Alex had me try mermaids in the pillars and the little cartoon whales around the king whale. The octopus fountain, game tables, huge blackjack sign and slots are from the original sketch.