Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black Torch Kickstarter!

 (thanks to Robert Iza for this drawing)

I don't expect a whole lot of people actually visit this blog, but

HEY would you look at that, it's another Kickstarter!
 Black Torch - Comic Anthology

Black Torch is a project I contributed a short story comic to, but it also includes the work of some legitimately good artists, such as much of the main art team of Skullgirls.

 (see more samples here)

By now they've hit their goal, but they'll need a little more help to actually break even.


Yeah that's my sales pitch.

(I really really suck at sales pitches.)(Also at being timely with blog posts.)

(also one of the reward tiers is a commission by me, i-if that interests y-you)

Thanks for reading!