Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skullgirls backgrounds

Long time no something something. Been busy with Skullgirls work.

(Not a) stupid Photoshop tricks: Just some links, today.
TinEye Reverse Image Search - Have a picture you're using for reference but it's too dang small? Tineye can attempt to track down a bigger version from across the web. Alongside Google's reverse imagesearch (click the tiny camera icon at the end of the google imagesearch search field) you probably have a good chance of tracking down a decently-sized version of your tiny image.
WhatTheFont - Similar to a reverse image search but for fonts. If you have a picture of some text and want to find what font it's using, try this site.
Zygote Body - Used to belong to Google, now belongs to Zygote, I guess. Gives you a 3d version of a male or female body in neutral standing pose with sliders to hide/isolate layers of anatomy. Nice for 3d muscular/skeletal reference.

Upgraded to a Wacom Intuos 2 9x12" from a beat-up Intuos 1 6x8". Thank you, eBay. I was expecting to have difficulty adjusting to the extra tablet surface area, but it was surprisingly easy.

Whelp, on to the Skullgirls stuff.

Casino final 2d art

Flattened tileable textures for wall and ceiling

Total working time for final art: 103 hours (as of this point, since adjustments for conversion to 3d still ongoing)
The streaking along the sides are on pieces which the tiling textures will replace. The image is bigger than the intended playable area so the 3d artists will have more to work with in case issues arise. Also, since I knew I was working with something that would be translated into 3d, everything had to be painted even if it was overlapped by another element.
 This is the 3rd background I did for Skullgirls. 

Rooftops 2d art
Color sketch


Total working time for Final as of this point: 159 hours. I badly underestimated how much longer it would take to paint a city compared to painting a casino interior when using my process. Lesson learned, experience gained. Sorry, SG team.
At this time I'm wondering if I need to adjust or completely change the way I render pictures. Either that or I'm ignoring that maybe dense pictures where nothing is reused inevitably take a long, long time to make.
My process is to paint the local-color shapes and then paint the lighting with new layers set to hard light. This gives me some flexibility and security since it leaves many parts of the picture as editable. On the downside I often end up painting the same shapes twice since lighting must conform to the same shapes as local color.
In this case it was probably worth it since I was able to reuse the local color layers for the alternate version of this stage. Maybe. (Okay actually the alternate version took 112 hours but there was also a some new content. Hmmm...)
WHELP! I'm no painter, I just push pixels in the Photoshop so whatever!

Rooftops NPC animations
I got to do the npc animation drawings for this stage as well as its alternate. I think all the real artists were busy. Also, I don't get to animate (pigeons) very often so I may have forced myself in.
These aren't very accurate pigeons, though. The wing tips really should be lying flat against the tail feathers. Also, despite watching the Smarter Every Day Deep Dive about Bird Flight and watching slow motion videos of pigeons (also also having an actual pet pigeon), I still don't get how the flying action works.


Black Torch papercraft
I was asked by my BT mates to design a papercraft model. I believe it's an alternate for backers who could not receive a matchbook/box for international shipping fire safety regulation reasons.
Sorry for the crappy build, I was in a rush + using a knife to cut paper shapes is hard on already-fragile wrist bones.

I kinda...I can't remember why I did these.