Monday, June 9, 2014

Skullgirls- Big Band cutscene backgrounds

Was between projects so was contracted to paint the backgrounds for the Big Band storymode cutscenes.

 Establishing shot pan 
(where I completely ignore the established topology of the city 
and make the Medici Office stage impossible)

 Flashback 1

 Flashback 2
Tried to include Robocop imagery everywhere.
This room is similar to the one in which Murphy dies.

 Generic city backdrop

Wrecked ASG Labs
I think this stuff was done during the original production back in 2011 but was never implemented for whatever reason. The elements were pasted into the texture map for ASG Labs in order to make a more unique ASG Labs Empty stage.
Mike didn't like the corpses here so I tried to make some funnier corpses but they got vetoed by not-Mike so we just darkened the old ones.

Back to 2011, there's also this dead shark and anvil head that was a result of miscommunication. Whoops!

ASG labs closeup

 Street lit by rampaging Skullgirl. 

 Big Band punch




Ending panning shot